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Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies

Cliffbrake invests in renewable energy projects, intended to create energy without the need for fossil fuels. Our first major project, in partnership with Canigou Capital Holdings Limited of Hong Kong, will create 1 gigawatt of solar power on a 5,000 acre aboriginal land site in the southwestern United States.

Cliffbrake also makes investments in select public companies focusing on renewable energy, including supporting technologies such as batteries and hydrogen power.

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Disruptive Technologies

Cliffbrake invests in companies around the world that are developing new and disruptive technologies, plus venture funds that invest in such companies. These companies use artificial intelligence or other technology tools to automate and shake up traditional industry players.

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Precious Metals, Oil and Gas

Cliffbrake believes that precious metals are an excellent asset class to protect against currency deflation. Cliffbrake is investing in public and private companies that are holding or mining gold, silver, uranium, copper and potash.

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

To expand its ability to fund exciting and disruptive technology companies, Cliffbrake invests in venture funds. We seek innovative fund managers who co-invest their own funds to align with their investors, and who demonstrate a high level of integrity.

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Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technologies

Cliffbrake invests in cryptocurrencies to hedge against inflation. Cliffbrake has been an investor in CoinSmart, a Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform, since before it went public. Cliffbrake also holds a portfolio of cryptocurrency investments.

Cliffbrake is a strong believer in the security and transparency of blockchain technologies, including its ability to enhance decentralized finance (defi). Cliffbrake has invested in IDEO Crypto Fund and Forte, a game developer using blockchain technologies to revolutionize the industry.

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