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Legacies are built

Our Roots

The Regional Group of Companies was founded in 1958 in Ottawa, Canada. It has successfully transitioned through three generations of family leadership and has grown to be a very well respected, vertically integrated real estate investment, development, and management firm in Canada’s Capital. Today it has a $5+B pipeline of commercial, mixed-use and residential projects in various stages of development in Ontario and Quebec, as well as a management portfolio of more than 2.9 million square feet of commercial space and 2,000 residential units.

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eQ Homes was founded in 2009 and is a residential homebuilding division that consistently creates visionary, award winning communities which lead the way to home innovation and sustainable living initiatives.

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Our history

Cliffbrake Corporation was formed in 2014 as an affiliate of The Regional Group of Companies Inc. to concentrate ownership of the family’s investments in non-real estate entities, including but not limited to disruptive technologies, renewable energy, precious metals, venture funds, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

We are always looking for interesting new technologies with entrepreneurial management. These companies will create value and wealth for their management and for their investors.

Steve Gordon – President & Chief Executive Officer

Our reputation

We strive to be value-added investors. We challenge the managers of our investments to regularly put aside their day-to-day worries and to consider the bigger picture – to ensure that they are being strategic and that they are thinking about the maximum potential for their business.


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