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We are a family office focused on building a legacy for future generations by investing in the right companies at the right time.

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Our impact

Sustainable growth

Cliffbrake Corporation aims to build wealth with its strategic investment approach. The foundation of this strategy can be seen in its three pillars – family, legacy and thinking ahead.

We are family

Cliffbrake is an investment company that aims to build wealth.

Lasting legacy

Our aim is to build an enduring platform for future generations.

Thinking ahead

Visionary, seeking opportunities and innovative – the approach we take for our investments.

What we do

Forward-thinking investments

Our investment strategy is long-term and focuses on three targets. (1) Opportunistic investments and forward-thinking companies (2) disruptive technologies and (3) assets that protect against depreciation. We think ahead to invest in what is coming around the corner, not what is already here today.


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